Review of Wargame weekend 30th October – 1st November

Chain of Command Africa

The British Objective – The port of El Piglit

Kevin and Mike came up for the weekend for a North Africa (April 41) Chain of Command Campaign game (Twofatlardies)

Italians defending a small port against the British – 4 games were had in total in one day – Kevin taking the Italians and Mike the British – yours truly the umpire and military advisor to Mike!

Some things to think about the rules and the games:

  • Its all about the lists!!! The Italians were set up with 2 MG’s per section – far too powerful – and apparently not historical according to Kevin – this skewed the whole defensive balance in their favour. Don’t trust the free downloadable lists – important to research and agree these before game start – and understand how important this part is to the game
  • Support lists – using the set scenario guidelines may not give enough support to the attacker – especially if the list is wrong
  • Both the Italians and British were Regular status – perhaps the Italians should have been Green – this would have made them easier to hit ( To hit figure based on how good the target is at field craft (essentially hiding) – it would also have affected Force Morale enabling the British to push them back easier. Finally the lower Force Factor would have given more Support points for the British
  • By changing the Force rating to Green for the Italians and Elite for the British it would have made the Italian MG’s less effective, whilst the British could have had almost perfect covering fire at effective range (i.e the Italians would have had there heads down so much they could not have fired for effect- covering fire lowers to hit chance by 1, which meant that Green troops would have required over 6 on a d6 to hit against Elite British). That and the smoke firing mortar should have given the British a sporting chance.
  • The Infinity MG issue – sections vanish by being fed into the MG team, so eventually you just get MG teams fighting against each other – tweak required to have a chance MG is damaged/lost in some way.
  • The Rules – they work – but boy do you have to spend a lot of time looking for things that are not where you would to expect to find them. For Example – Covering Fire – its mentioned on Page 20 within the rules describing what he actions a unit can carry out (fair enough) – however there is no mention of it in the two firing chapters – where you would first reach to find it. The rules need to be edited and better indexed. Perhaps even the the turn sequence needs to be better described (not changed) – perhaps as a list of potential considerations/options open to the player. NB – NEED TO DO THIS FOR NEXT GAME

Largely these rules work – and are worth the pain of knocking them into shape and learning the nuances of them

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