Spot the Wabbit


Nelson and some of his girls prove to be completely useless at shooing off rabbits

This is the front-back garden – a smallish garden that has been taken over by a canopy of trees – we decided to let this happen in a managed way- to let us have a tree garden – lots of leaves – lots of wild flowers in the spring – and lots of foraging chickens…..

This is Nelson, and a few of his girls. They are not very good at keeping Rabbits away – there are at least 2 in the photo

2 thoughts on “Spot the Wabbit

  1. Welcome to diggingforvictory! Ours girls are the same. When we shut them in at night the rabbits scatter from the run through the holes they’ve made in the wire. We used to have a cat who was partial to rabbits. Since we lost him the bunny population has exploded. I miss him for SO many reasons!


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