Onions -still going on about them….

So I’ve gone from trying to work out if I could grow enough Onions each week to support myself to realising that our climate does not support all year growing. Therefore a combination of growing when able, and storing when not is the strategy to follow.

Again – the algorithm, as a reminder:

Live grow (what you require each week x growing span each year) + Storage grow (what you require each week x non-growing span in year)  = self sufficiency.

So, where do you store them? – Well an abiding memory of my Grandparents is them storing their home grown Onions in my Grandmothers used tights – and hanging them from the ceiling of the garage. I remember my Father being disgusted by the whole idea. Looking back I think that says more about the respective different upbringings then any need to be disgusted!!

However, in a nutshell that tells us all the key points we need to know to store them.

  • They need to be dry.The outer skin needs to feel paper dry.
  • Don’t bruise them. Treat each one individually.
  • Keep them cool.Warmth will promote growth
  • Keep them dark. Light will promote growth.

As you can see, hanging them in small groups, in a cool, dark garage is ideal.

Obviously, with the freezers we have today Onions can be cut, sliced, diced and frozen for use as well. Both methods are good, and allow cooking flexibility.

OK.No more about Onions!!!

What I want to do is explore the idea of creating a planting and storage schedule to support on-going vegetable self-sufficiency at the Smallholding.


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