Clearing the Poly tunnel out for Winter

We ran a very low key growing plan in the poly this year – choosing to weed membrane most of the beds as an anti weed strategy. The seed free top soil we filled the raised beds with was anything but weed free, resulting in a poly tunnel full of all sorts of weeds!!

As it was - everything has now come to and end in the last few weeks of poor weather

As it was – everything has now come to and end in the last few weeks of poor weather

I’ve cleared out most things – the vine at the end still needs pruning, and the strawberries cleaning up – and a good sweep round….! The Chickens may be shanghaied into spending some time in there clearing up as well.

After a quick clean

After a quick clean

The poly itself needs work – the bad storm that blew last weekend ripped out a lot of the plastic retaining rods leaving the plastic flying – I bodged a fix but it needs a more permanent repair if it is to last the Winter and beyond. There is also a small tear in the top, which had been repaired before but needs attention again (the tear was made during construction).

We still have some winter salad, carrots, onions and beetroot growing, although a rodent seems to have moved into the beetroots!! There are some cabbage and cauliflower seedlings to be planted.

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