Rebased: WW2 Africa Vehicles

I have finished rebasing the 15mm WW2 Africa vehicles :


German D.A.K. – Pzii’s, Pziii’s (early), Pziv (d)’s and a halftrack and 222 scout cars. Figures by Plastic Soldier Company and Zvedza.


The British 8th Army : Universal Carriers, Matilda Mk2’s, Honeys, Cruiser M13’s and Dingo scout cars. Figures by Old Glory, Plastic Soldier Company and Zvedza.


The Italians : Lv33’s machine gun, main gun and flame thrower varieties!! All Peter Pig, over 15 years old and perhaps showing their age!!!. Seeing this I remember that I have some motorbike combos as well to do.


The Motor Pool. Mainly Zvedza, some Peter Pig and probably others long lost. These are all nationalities, as a lot of use of captured trucks and vehicles was made in the Desert.

Next the DAK infantry to finish and the Italians to sort out and start.

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