Planting Willow for fuel


This is our willow ‘plantation’ – we planted some 300+ Willow setts in the Winter of 2011/12 to create a useful wind break for the allotment field.We also planted it to grow our own setts, that we could plant to create enough growing willow to support us in wood fuel. There would have been more but a determined rabbit assault reduced the numbers.

I estimate we need about 4-5000 willow in total, that we can coppice on a rotational basis providing us with enough wood fuel every year to run our wood burner and stove (which are connected to our heating and water systems). Willow can be coppiced after 4 years, so a rotation of 25% of total will work, with about 8-12 months seasoning. Its not a quick project!!

I am hoping from this plantation we can cut about 1000 setts this year, to plant along our small holding edge. Thus we get a windbreak and fuel!!!

And as the saying goes – wood warms you twice – once when you cut it – and once when you burn it. I guess we could add when you plant it as well!!!

Everything is prepared for this work – just waiting for Christmas for the time to do it!!!



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