Digging for Victory – the books


These books (these are modern day facsimiles) are good source books for the ‘dig for victory’ movement of the Second World War, and after. They are also where this blog gets its name from!!

In it they detail how a person or family can maximize the crop from a small area to support themselves over the year. On a week by week basis it instructs the user when, what and how to grow vegetable throughout the year.

From a modern perspective they are very interesting. They highlight that period of time when horticulture started to change from a labour heavy organic system, to a chemical first, mechanized, streamlined process. At this stage, still rooted in the past, but the vision of the ‘future’ can be seen.

Its odd looking at the books now, living in the increasingly chemicalised, mechanical ‘future’, to now be reassessing how we grow our food, and harking back to more organic and sustainable ecosystems.

I’ll be coming back to these books, as I rather feel I would like to follow the ‘dig on for victory’ weekly schedule from January…..it may prove interesting.




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