It’s the Winter Solstice!!!!!!!!

Today is the best day of the Winter – its the day we really should celebrate – because from today the days start to get longer again!!!

Today means we can start to look forward to Spring, to longer days, warmer days, and to growing food and bringing in harvests. Its always good to get to this day, there are another two months of Winter to come, usually the coldest, darkest (because of the heavy cloud) days, but we have turned the corner!!!

A drink will be had to celebrate at Chez Piglit!!

Today the Alpacas have been moved to their Winter fields. Because of this strange warmer weather the grass has kept growing, which means the fields they are leaving are in better shape then normally, and will effectively have a better recovery period. So a silver lining to the warm weather.

On the flip side the warm weather has meant all the pests, bugs and slugs are still doing very nice thank you. I might stick the chickens in the poly tunnel for a few days to do some pest clearing…….

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