Cutting willow setts for planting up


We have just cut the first 150 18″ setts off our self planted willow plantation. We will sort these by thickness and plant them in batches down the side of our smallholding – they will provide a windbreak, and in time wood fuel. It took a lot less hassle and time then expected, and we will probably cut as we plant now, although that may make sorting by size more difficult????


We are aiming to get 1000 setts planted in the next week – the canes and rabbit protectors are all stored up in our porch, ready for action!!!

It rained quite heavily last night so although up to now its being quite warm with a drying wind, the fields are too wet to do much work in them without turning the grass to mud. Hopefully with the sun tomorrow we will get out and plant.


This little beauty should make the whole thing a LOT easier……we are aiming to plant one every 24″, in two offset rows about 18″ apart. We will then plant multiple rows a tractor width apart, and a tractor width away from the boundary.

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