‘Digging on for Victory’ – Week 1

Mr Middletons book ‘Digging on for Victory’ is built around a week by week ‘to do’ list to effectively manage a vegetable allotment. Out of interest I am going to try to follow this schedule to see how relevant it is, or indeed how it can improve my management of my vegetable growing!! I wont be using chemicals however.

For week 1, January, he gives certain tasks to be undertaken outside. The first – Dig when possible.


As you can see – digging is a distant dream currently, its far too wet. Here you can see the layer of animal poo with some annual weeds having been encouraged to grow by the warmer weather. I cant see this being good enough to dig for a while yet. I’m not worried about the weeds because they wont get to seed, and digging will kill them as they are all annuals.

Secondly – Force Rhubarb indoors.


Done. This Rhubarb is planted in the poly tunnel, so I have placed a ‘forcer’ over it – we will see how it does. I have to say I would normally have waited until February, and then realised I was too late, so the book has helped!!

Thirdly – Sow Onion and Lettuces in greenhouse


I won’t be sowing onions, I’ll be using sets a little later on. However, I have a few cauliflowers and lettuces on the go – I need to plant some more. I planted overwintering lettuces and salad leaves in the open bed in the poly tunnel, these have grown slowly through lack of sun.However some have been submerged under weeds…..bad me for not weeding!!! I need to clear these and get planting again this week!!!!

Mr Middelton also lists pruning outdoor fruit trees – this is not required presently.

As this is the first week of January we have, naturally, Asparagus coming up in the poly tunnel!!!! I managed to break 3 stems clearing the weed membrane away. These Asparagus are 1 years old, so I will not be harvesting it.


Not sure what Mr Middleton would say about these coming through already!!!


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