Blue string soup…

Now that the new room is just about finished (apart from some grouting and minor finishing) I invited Mum up to christen it.  We spent Sunday making a start on our Guild “dye-a-bundle” challenge.  We each have a bundle of cotton cloth within which there are a number of tiny yarn skeins of different fibre such as hemp, silk, wool, cotton, etc, and various bits of fibre such as Alpaca, mohair, Wensleydale fleece etc, plus a mystery colour dye.  Until it goes in the pan of water we don’t know what we’ll be working with.

Moment of truth: Mum has pink; I have turquoise.  I added an extra handful of Alpaca fleece and a piece of silk which I knotted at intervals for a varigated effect.  We have to use everything in the bundle in a project of our choice.

After 20 minutes’ simmering and a good rinse this is what we have…

Now… What to do with it…?

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