‘Digging on for Victory’ – Week 2

So in week two what does Mr Middleton expect us to do?

First thing : More Digging. Well its still way too wet to dig – and frankly its not really required at this point – this piccy shows the overwintering onions – as you can see the soil is wet and the annual weeds encouraged by the warm winter are now suffering because of the hard frosts we are now getting!!


However he makes a good point about Liming and manure application – on heavy soils manure should be applied pre-Christmas, on lighter soils after Christmas. I hope to be adding a layer of stable straw/poo in the next few weeks – before I dig.

Secondly, Water Lettuces. The lettuces in the poly tunnel are doing fine – in fact they are ready to start using as a Salad leaf…..


…..with the other Winter Salad leaf….


Thirdly, Sow Peas in pots, inside. Mr Middleton tells us to sow early peas in individual pots in a cold frame, for later planting out. I’ve gone for Douce Provence (Early) and planted as a group in 4 planters in the poly tunnel. I’ve done this before and it creates a good little harvest, however I have never planted Peas this early, inside or not! I will need to think if I need further Peas in individual pots for planting out, or will these be enough until a main crop can be harvested outside.


And finally, Examine Potatoes in store. Hmm, well the warm weather has done for my spuds, they are all Chitting like good’uns. Sadly its too early and these probably will be of no use come planting out time.


What to do!!


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