‘Digging for Victory’ – Week 4

Week 4 already – what does Mr Middleton have for us this week?

Well, first off lets see if anything is growing yet? Sadly the only thing showing any sign of interest is the peas –

DSCF3184You can just make out the small growing tip on a few of the peas!!! Long way to go yet.

Anyway back to Mr Middleton.

First. Start new Compost Heap. This is a good idea, and one we have planned using the old hay bales we have left – I am hoping to get this done in the next week or so. when I can decide where to locate it!!!

Second. Sow Cauliflowers. Again I wouldn’t have sown this early – but I have put a first sowing in, with the intention of succession sowing. This have been put in the Poly Tunnel (perhaps over watered…..)


Third. Sow Mustard and Cress. This is already done – and growing as part of the winter salad in the Poly Tunnel, and very nice it tastes too!!


Fourth.Prick out seedlings. Sadly there are no seedlings to prick out!!!

Fifth. Examine Cabbage, Kale and Broccoli. We lost our Broccoli last year so we have none of this growing currently. Cabbages are coming along, and this is our Sprouts :

DSCF3185They look at bit sad, but the Sprouts are pretty big, and tasty.

Sixth. Protect Plants in Frames against Frost. We have a poly tunnel and everything is in there!!

Seventh. Protect broad beans and Spring Cabbage. Mr Middleton suggests that soil is drawn up to the broad beans to protect them – I have never seen that done before. I didn’t get any broad beans planted in November because of the wet, if and when it dries out I will be putting some in. Depending how much rain comes over the weekend this might be next week, as its drying out and we have been lucky avoiding the rain that has afflicted most of the rest of the country. Here’s hoping.

Eighth.Lift and store Artichokes. There are none to lift – and I wont be growing any of these this year as I am not keen on them

Ninth. Fruit in store. I wish we had some fruit in store – our small orchard has so far pretty much failed to deliver

Tenth. Fruit tree pruning. Again this isn’t required.

Eleventh. Start hot house fruit. Mr Middleton that fruit and vines can be started inside – We have a grape vine in the poly tunnel – its too early for it to show any interest in growing at the moment.

That is it for this week. However this is a quick piccy of some ‘Spring’ onions growing in the poly tunnel

DSCF3182These were grown as Spring Onions, but they did so well some were left to grow on – and they are great cooking onions – really strong!!!

and yes: the gang…………..


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