I have been looking at Peter Pigs English Civil War rules  – ‘Regiment of Foote’ (One of his rules for the common man – RFCM). I have tried Warlords ‘Pike And Shotte’ rules, and indeed all my 28mm ECW figures are based for this – but I painted so many I got sick of it – so have still a good third to paint – all undercoated and no where to go!! Plus the games played with these rules just didn’t do it for me, and I have not found a good set since.

However looking at the Regiment of Foote rules I only need 3 bases per regiment of foot, 2 per cavalry – so I had a rootle around my collection and hey!!! – I found a Scots Lancer unit I had forgot I had – unpainted!! (I have Scots Foote painted)


Apologies for the dark picture – but there is some nice lancer figures, and some really nice looking hairy Scots with pistols!!! I quickly painted a couple of the lancer types up :


Anyway had a quick look at what 3 base units would look like on the table:


Again, crappy picture but it does show a few ‘Peter Pig rules’ foote regiments looking ok with 3 bases – so I’m going to try out these rules and see if they give a good ECW game – and I will write it up! I need to knock up a grid somehow though to play over…

A few more pictures.


A couple of Foote Regiments with accompanying Casualty markers – 16 pike and 2 groups of 16 muskets – 48 in total. Warlord Plastic, with some metal officer types here and there.


And another Foote Regiment. These I have used as minions for an undead game I played with Kevin – he didn’t know he was playing an undead game until he was holed up in a barn, with the troops he thought he had killed coming back to life and attacking him!!! Still feels sore about it…….

Perhaps get a run through soon…

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