‘Digging for Victory’ – Week 6

Well, once again we see what Mr Middleton has in store for us for the second week of February.

First off an update on the last weeks task list – I have cleared out the Alpaca shed – and used it to manure the Allotment


50 barrow loads of straw and really good manure – as you can see the Chooks are doing a job of work – picking out the pests whilst spreading the manure about with their digger feet. Plus we get eggs!!!

On the second task – making a compost heap – I have made no headway – as I havn’t decided where I want it.

Back to Mr Middletons list.

First. Sow Peas, Radish, Spinach, Parsnip and Broad Beans. If the weather allows. Well the weather does allow – almost – but the allotment is covered in manure that needs digging in. I would suggest its just a little too wet for that.

Second. Make and Begin to use Hot Bed. I could of course used some fresh manure, placed some soil on it, and as it composted it would have warmed the soil up and germinated some seeds. I think using the poly tunnel will mean I don’t need to do it.

Third. Forcing Rhubarb and Seakale Outside. Well…………the Rhubarb forced inside hasn’t shown any interest yet – I see no reason to try outside.

Fourth. Prepare Onions for transplanting. I’m using sets so don’t need to do this. I have 100 ready to go  – and will be looking to get another 100.

Fifth. Sow Summer Cabbage and Cauliflowers.  I’ve moved some of these into the poly – I don’t want any more growing at present.


Sixth. Pot young Tomatoes. Of the ones planted two weeks ago  – only two have shown interest – however I have them planted up in larger pots – so they can be considered to be potted up.

Seventh. Complete Fruit Planting. I have 3 fruit trees ready to go  – I need another 2 and then I can do this.

Eighth. Cut back new Raspberries. Currently the only Raspberries growing are in the Goose orchard – they will be left to grow wild, the geese enjoy them in the Autumn.

Nine. Protect Fruit Buds. Mr Midddleton suggests protecting fruit buds from birds by weaving black cotton in the branches……..I really don’t believe this is real!!!

2 thoughts on “‘Digging for Victory’ – Week 6

  1. Black cotton..oh yes! It worked with my grandad’s protecting his peas as they came up from sparrows/ They were like little trip wires and kept the bu@@ers away


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