British Matilda II Scorpion 15mm – Desert


Matilda II Scorpion (Battlefront), Matilda II (Zvezda), Matilda I (Zvezda). All 1/100 or 15mm.

Just finished putting together a 15mm Matilda II Scorpion from Battlefront (Flames of War). The Scorpion was an on battlefield creation designed to face the endless minefields of the Western Dessert. Basically a wooden frame was constructed in front of a normal Matilda II, which supported a rotating flail of metal chains designed to hit the ground and explode any mines. It also had a capability of marking with chalk channels behind it to show following troops the lane cleared.

matilda_scorpion.pngAs you can see from this photo, a brave chap had to sit in the wooden box to the side to operate the rotating flail!!

Its a nice figure and will support my 8th Army greatly against the evil DAK!!

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