British A9 Close Support tank – Desert


This is a British A9 Close Support tank in the desert  – yes thats right you do see two small turrets at the front – as well as the enormous top turret!! And I thought only the Soviets had some silly looking ideas (look at the T28 and the T35, even the KV’s were a bit way out!!)

For the desert its fitted with some rear skirts and an additional fuel drum….no fire risk there then.

This is a Plastic Soldier Company 15mm miniature – I have another 4 to make – it allows options to make A9’s or A10 Mk2’s. They are nice models as expected from PSC!!

Imagine this against the Italians, easy isn’t it?………Now imagine it against the P38t Marder III…..not pretty!

These are the three tanks I have worked on recently:



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