‘Digging for Victory’ – Week 7

It’s a bit late and I am going to blame BT for the internet going down. That is my story and I am sticking to it!!.

So to update on Mr Middletons schedule so far………..well, I still have not decided where the compost is going to go  – so that has not been done. Yes, yes, I will do it……

Fruit trees – well I have planted some Minarettes in the Allotment field…


We used to have two allotments and we planted some Minarettes from Ken Muir. They are effectively dwarf fruit trees on root stock that produce a lot of fruit in a small area. They can be grown as a cordon (pictured are planted further apart then they need to be). As our small orchard has failed to deliver any form of growth or fruit I decided to revert to what I know and plant some Minarettes. They are  Apple, Plum and Gage and the space behind will be planted up with soft fruit, more on that in time.

We were actually self sufficient in veg when we had two allotments!!! Happy days. Don’t ever think you can turn a pasture into a growing area!! It’s a nightmare!!

So on to Mr Middleton…………………….

First. Sow and Transplant Onions. As before I am going to sow sets, and have some 200 onions and 50 Shallots ready to go, to follow up on the 100 onions overwintering already.

Second. Making new Rhubarb bed. I don’t need anymore Rhubarb but…. the Rhubarb forced so many weeks ago is now showing interest!!!


Third. Fill up and hoe Cabbage rows.  I have no spring cabbage in place except the stuff in the Poly Tunnel – so no need to do anything at present.

Fourth. Examine Broccoli.  Oooer! Well I have none to examine, but if I did I would be removing dead leaves and cleaning the plant up.

Fifth. First sowing of Celery. Oh, I am so disorganised, I have none to start. But I want to grow some. I have grown Celery in the Poly Tunnel before, and being told the seeds are just as useful I left it to seed, and now its growing bloody everywhere!!! So, maybe I will have some Celery growing by chance in the right place.

Sixth. Maintain Succession of Seakale. Who the hell eats this stuff anyway? I’d much rather suck on a piece of metal………

Seventh. Paint Pruning Wounds.  No pruning = no wounds. Simples.

Eighth. Examine Blackcurrents. Yep, we have some in the Orchard field – these are for the Geese, I will be planting some more in the Allotment field this week.

Ninth. Prepare Early Strawberries.  Last year we planted some 40 odd strawberry plants in a bed in the Poly Tunnel – DSCF3251

As you can see they did well (they tasted great)- but a lot of cleaning up needs to be done – I tried pulling the old leaves off and merely pulled a plant up – so I need to go through cutting the old leaves off. Should get a large harvest this year that lasts all season!!

So that is the third week in Feb. Its getting exciting  – Spring is coming. This week I am hoping to get some digging done  – and that means planting!! Broad beans, Onions, Shallots and Peas are all waiting.






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