German P38t Marder III – Desert


Here is the product of the combined engineering skills of Czechoslovakia and the Soviet Union brought together with German innovation, I give you the P38t Marder III.

This is a 15mm Plastic Soldier Company miniature I have just put together and painted for my D.A.K. forces. Based on a P38t chassis, the Germans took some captured Soviet 7.5 anti tank guns – re-bored them for their Pak 40 ammunition, put them on the tank and made in effect a self propelled anti tank gun.

There were 66 in Africa, introduced in 1942, and were more than a match for any Allied tank at that time. Crew protection was obviously the weak point, and they would have been very vulnerable to HE.

The paint job has been sadly bodged by myself – the undercoat went on too thick and swallowed a lot of detail, but hell, from 3 foot away it looks fine……


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