Making use of the fair weather week : Monday

This week is set to be very fair every day – an early start to Spring – but a definite start all the same. I am sure Winter has more to throw at us but given the weather it would be foolish not to make use of it.

First off, as outside is still too wet to dig (I am hoping to dig Thursday, plant Friday) I decided to finish clearing out the Poly Tunnel.

DSCF3260This is the view looking South – floors swept – I have taken up all the beets, carrots and onions just leaving some salad crops. I have planted out my Spring Cabbage – it has a bit of catching up to do!! As you can see the Peas planted weeks ago are still not showing……

DSCF3262This is looking North – There is a vine planted at this end. I have cut it down fairly hard to just one stem – trailing it over the roof supports along the pathway. It will look dead for another month or so yet – then burst into life – they are so vigorous you can almost see them grow!!

I’ve had to fix the irrigation system we have set up – each bed has under soil water drippers – connected to timers – seems the connections needed cleaning up a bit!!

We built the Poly Tunnel with overhead irrigation – but that didn’t really work. Its a bit of a blunt tool – it will water everything, paths, tools, weeds the lot – and not always water the plant you want. It also creates a really humid micro climate – which just encourages disease. We turned it off and put the pipes into the beds – now the plants, and the plants only, get watered.

I’ve also cleared the strawberry bed in the Poly –

DSCF3251This is before

DSCF3261And this after – the shoots should now get more light and grow quicker. I think only 1 had died. As this is year Two I would expect a good harvest throughout the Summer and into the Autumn.

2 thoughts on “Making use of the fair weather week : Monday

    • Thanks
      It came flat packed and was a real pain to put on the plastic – just on a slightly breezy day it was enough to lift you off your feet!!
      Had to clamp it down with weed membrane last year becuase of the weedy soil in the beds – hoping to get full production this year!!


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