Making use of the fair weather week : Tuesday

Today I have cut stuff down and cleared stuff out – its about the last chance before it starts to grow – and birds start to nest…..

DSCF3264I’ve cut the hedge outside the kitchen window so I can see the allotment from there, plus keep an eye on what mischief the Chickens are getting up to. There is a honeysuckle where the telegraph pole is – so I am sure by Autumn the view will be blocked again!! I’ve also done the regular Bramble cut – going round the woodland front garden and cut the bramble at ground level to discourage them and stop them taking over. I have scratched hands to show how much fight they put up!!

I’ve planted the remaining 5 fruit trees (Mr Middleton would be pleased!) in the Orchard field. I’ve fixed the Geese electric fence as well – The Winter wind had blown some of the supports fairly low.

DSCF3267The Filbert is ready to blow……

DSCF3265As is the Pear…….

Also the Crocus and the Blue Bells planted before Christmas and now poking up – three of the Crocus are in flower. Spring is coming!!!

Tomorrow more planting.

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