Making use of the fair weather week : Wednesday

Well I have been trying to make some use of the fair, sunny weather we have been having recently. However, others have been enjoying it as well:

DSCF3269Here is the Boys having a Hay Party!!

DSCF3270And the Girls…….

DSCF3272I’ve planted 9 soft fruit bushes in the Allotment field……….3 Black Current, 3 Red Current and 2 Red Gooseberries and 1 Green Gooseberry. I have room for three more in this phase of planting. As you can see from the shadow – they are adajacent the recently planted Minnarettes.

I’ve then cut a bit more of the hedge so I can see the Chicken enclosure a bit easier. I then cut another 110 Willow setts – DSCF3273I plan to plant these tomorrow, to make a grand total of 665 Willow setts planted out of the the target 1000 this year.

And look – not the only one enjoying the sunny weather –

DSCF3274This blob is a Female Roe Deer, in our bottom field. Honest!!! The camera Auto Focus was going crazy because the Boys were running towards me…

However, its bad news……….the Willow we are planting down there is now going to have to be protected from Deer 😦

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