Starting to re-base 28mm ECW Foote units

I have now completed re-basing the ECW Cavalry – I have 8 units of 12 generic cavalry, 1 Currassier unit of 12 and 1 Dragoon unit of 12. In total 120 figures – with 24 still to make and paint!!! All Warlords. I don;t think I need anymore!!

I have in the course of doing that done the Artillery crew and Generals – I do need more Artillery – but I’ll pass on getting them at the moment.

So i have moved onto the Foote units – my Foote units are based for Pike and Shotte – but can be broken down for other rule sets – they have 16 Pike figures and 24 Musket figures. I have also got various peasant units and commanded foote units, and of course Dragoons on foot.

This is the first of the larger units completed:


White coated , with full armoured Pike. Like the old Airfix boxes of soldiers you have to get a few boxes of the Warlords figures to be able to craft a cohesive unit – I think you only get 6 or so full armoured Pike per box (cant remember exactly made these about 3 years ago  – when they were first out).

Here is another view :


I’ve got 6 of these to do, plus 3 Montrose Irish units. I also have another 4 to paint!!! They are painted generically as I realised I would have to paint both sides!! Before I paused on the ECW, I was aiming to create some units of peasants, to show units of men conscripted but not yet equipped, quite common in the early days.

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