‘Digging for Victory’ – Week 8 and 9

Well what did Mr Middleton have for us in the last two weeks?

You might have read that during the sunny days of the end of February I did a day by day account of work – so I am merging the two weeks together.

So, one admission – I still have not built the compost heap. I have started to dig the manure in though!!!

DSCF3277As you can see it’s making a huge difference to the quality of the soil – and adding some really good organic matter, which will improve the soil structure as it breaks down. I didn’t dig it all – just what was needed for planting, as it was February and wet weather has to be expected – I was proved right!!!!

Anyway lets see what Mr Middleton would have had us do…………

First. Maintain succession of lettuces. I have planted some lettuce in the Poly Tunnel – to compliment the salad leave already growing.

Second. Break down and lime soil. As above that process is ongoing!!!

Third. Maintain succession of Seakale and Rhubarb. As stated before I’m not growing Kale, and I need no more Rhubarb.

Fourth. Plant Onion sets. I planted a good 250+ along with 50+ Shallots to make a total growing of 300+ Onions.

Fifth. Sow Parsnips, Broad Beans and Carrots.  I’ve sown 28 metres of Broad Beans in two lines outside……….DSCF3280…….with netting to stop the pigeons eating the new shoots.

I’ve also sown four lines of Nantes (Early) Carrots in the Poly Tunnel. But Parsnips, hmmm………not yet.

Sixth. Sow early Peas, Sprouts and Summer Cabbage. I considered sowing Peas outside, but thought it was too cold to get any germination, and the seeds would just rot, so I have held off. Probably for 3-4 weeks. I need to find something to do with my old Sprouts before I can plant the next batch!!!

Seventh. Pot Cucumbers and Tomatoes. The cumcubers and tommies are coming on well – I have moved them to the porch to get more direct sunlight. I have more tomatoes then I bargained for – I assumed a 25% fail but they have all come up!!

SO for March first week :

First. Clear land. Clear out the remaining crops and get ready for sowing!!! Well that is ongoing!!

Second. Beware Cabbage Aphids. Not in this frosty weather!!

Third. Prepare trenches for Peas and Beans. As before this is ongoing!!

Fourth.Get outside seed bed ready. I am not going to use a seed bed – I will use trays – the modern alternative!!!

Fifth. Prick out Leeks, Onions, Celery. I have not grown any from seed so this is not required.

Sixth. Pot Tomatoes. As stated before, I have too many of the one type now – not sure where these are ultimately going to go……..and when to get my Pear tomatoes on the go. As it stands they don’t need potting up yet – maybe a couple of weeks.

So there we go…………all up to date!!!!!!



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