‘Digging for Victory’ – Week 12

It is, (or was) the last week in March – what should we be doing now, Mr Middleton?

Well, just to catch up – I still have not constructed the Compost Heap!!! However sowing has gone into overdrive and I have (to summarise) :

Onions and Shallots in the ground

Broad Beans in the ground – However these are on a time frame now – if they don’t show any interest by the weekend I am invoking Plan B – sow inside in pots and plant out assuming the ones outside have been got at by our friendly furry animals. In order to ensure a harvest its important to keep an eye on what and when stuff is growing – in order to be quick at making decisions like this, or you may lose all chance of getting a harvest.

Red Duke of York Potatoes

Inside are Cabbage, Salad, Early Carrots and Rhubarb growing. The remains of the Peas sown in January still waste space (yes…Mr Middleton)

Forced Rhubarb nearing time to be eaten

Forced Rhubarb nearing time to be eaten

Unforced Rhubarb doing almost as well...is there a lesson there?

Unforced Rhubarb doing almost as well…is there a lesson there?

Sown previous weeks are Tomatoes, Cucumber and Artichoke

Sown in the last week are Peas, Parsnips, Leeks, Brussel Sprouts, Purple Sprouting Broccoli, Sweet Corn, Tomatoes, Runner Beans, Climbing Beans (possibly a bit early) and Dwarf Beans and finally some Later Carrots. The intention is all the above will get a second sowing in about 6-8 weeks. also sown is some more Mixed Salad leaves. Some Bolthardy Beetroot finish the lot off.


Leeks coming up slowly

Parsnips poking through...the fastest germination ever!!

Parsnips poking through…the fastest germination ever!

Also I have got hold of some young Strawberry plants to fill the holes in this years crop.


Some Strawberries in the Poly are already flowering



So, as you can see I think this is the time when it gets really busy, and growing starts to kick off – lets go back to Mr Middleton.

First. Last Chance for good Digging. Well yes that would be nice but still a bit too wet – Whilst I was holding on digging the allotment, with the warmer weather I want to dig it to arrest the growth of any weeds.

Second. More Early Potatoes Now. Yes, its a good idea but this year I am sticking with just one row.

Third. Plant Shallots and Garlic. Done. Gold star to me!!!

Fourth. Make Asparagus Bed. I am not increasing my Asparagus this year.

Fifth. Sow Parsley, Thyme, Sage, Celery. This is Goswinks territiroy – and they have been sown and are showing interest in growing!! More next time.

Six. Stake Cucumbers. As last time – they are only 2 inches high!!!!

Also the quirks of the Calendar mean Mr Middleton has had a time shift and added a 5th week for March – This in summary tells me to sow Lettuce and Sweetcorn and outside sow Carrots.

So following Mr Middleton I should not have sown almost all of the things I have sown!!! I am going to review what Mr Middleton is saying here – I really want to know why there is this big contradiction between what I am doing (and I am not doing anything especially different to most years) and what he is saying. Interesting.

Maybe the final May frost will prove him right!!!!


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