After the rain…….the sunshine!!!!

Yesterday was absolutely awful, dull, rainy and dark all day – until about 5pm when the sun briefly came out.

Today – sunshine by 6am!!! Geese all up and ready to go  – we now have had 99 eggs so far this season!!

Anyway – thought I would have a quick walk round to see how everything looked under the sun…….


This is the allotment field looking from the far corner up to the chicken field (note absence of chickens) – as you can see I lost patience with the weed membrane always coming loose and just put something heavy on it!! Also yes, you can see Brussel Sprouts going to seed that need pulling up…..


This is the poly tunnel from the ‘front’ door – it’s getting increasingly hot day by day and the seeds sown are all bursting forth. The strawberries are really going for it – flowering now, which is really early……the main reason to show this picture is the cat – yes a cat – there is one in here rolling around enjoying the heat – can you spot him?


And this is where the Chickens got to  – their favourite afternoon dust bath area. We used to have some Lavender living here…….living with Chickens you can’t expect a perfect garden.


And this a view towards the Girls and Boys……….they have started to be let in to their Spring/Summer fields so are enjoying the fresh growing grass. When they are not sunbathing that is………

Can you spot the Geese who have decided to pay them a visit? I’ve learnt that what Goose wants, Goose gets – they are a very wilful headstrong animal that strangely stresses if it can’t get what it wants like small child.

Lets see what the weather has to offer tomorrow


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