Building Buildings for Sharp Practice

With the new version of the Sharp Practice rules coming out I have dug out my unfinished buildings and decided to get them done!!

These are Warbases modular range – 28mm MDF that are basically a shell you build doors, windows and balconies etc. onto.

Here is one I took through the process:


The basic shell – 4 walls and a flat roof to make a Spanish style dwelling.


And this is it with windows, doors and a balcony fitted and added lentils etc with matchsticks- I have then painted it with polyfilla to create a texture to the walls. The roof tiles are cut out and stuck down – theses tles are just sheets of tiles you cant purchase from Warbases.


And then paint the whole lot with an ordinary brown wall paint – this a light terracotta.


And then dry brush with a few different white tones on the walls – a light wood brown on the wood with a dry brush of grey – and terracotta shades on the tiles – and voila – done!!! It doesn’t take long!!

A few more views



I’ve got another 9 of various sizes and shapes to finish to make my Spanish village – I’ll add some photos of the whole thing when done – aiming to have a Sharp Practice game in a couple of weeks!!



A quick photo of my newly painted Perry 28mm Foot Dragoons – defending the house


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