A quick round up……in the Poly Tunnel

Just a quick update on what is happening in the ply tunnel – precious little has happened outside in April as its been on the whole a cold month.

First up the Cauliflowers!! You can just see the small one just forming – I got these mixed up with cabbages so wasn’t sure what was growing until the little thing started growing.DSCF3381




I’ve cut down the salad leaves – to try to encourage it to grow again – it was starting to go to seed – I have sown some more salad seed and got some lettuces to transplant





DSCF3385First wave of Tomatoes are potted up and have been moved to the Poly – looking unhappy for themselves as they have been moved!!





DSCF3386However something is eating my Carrot tops – and I am only partially sure it isn’t rabbits……





DSCF3387The Strawberry plants continue to create fruits – lets hope we get the sun to ripen them off!!





DSCF3388Beetroot Climbing, Dwarf and Runner beans and some of the Sweetcorn – all starting to be ready to go out!!






The three hundred and fifty fifth sowing of peas this year……………






DSCF3394The Vine has finally come to life – just overnight sprang out – looking forward to trying to focus on getting some usable grape bunches this year.





So there you have it a quick update – April was a crap month really and not much happened – however need to sort out the broad beans this week – another post to come on that – I have a plan!!



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