Broad Beans – the Plan B

I planted the Broad Beans back in February having been unable to plant them the previous November to over Winter. I put in 2 rows of 14 metres, some 2 hundred+ seeds.

Sadly the ground has stayed too cold and wet and, with the added help of Wood Mice I have left growing just 16. Yes 16, stretched along the 2 14 metre rows. With the weather getting warmer weeds are now increasing where the beans should be growing.


So having spotted that this turn of affairs might happen I’ve planted some 100 further beans inside and they will be ready to go out in about 10 days. However, what to do about the rows as they were?

Well, it was time for the net to come off – the beans that were growing were large enough to look after themselves now. What to do about the spread out beans though? It made weeding difficult.

I decided to transplant the 16 I had, I dug them out – then wheel hoed the two rows free of weeds – and then transplanted them back into the top of the rows as a group, you can just see them here…..


The rest of the beans as they come ready will then just be planted out along the rows – in the meantime I can keep it weed free with the wheel hoe!!

I also weeded the onions today as well…………..this year I seem to be growing grass.


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