Digging for Victory – quick update


Well, first off the Geese are still laying – not as much now, but still some – the 5 have now laid 144 eggs since February 14th. Not a bad haul at all.


Everything is at full bloom – here the crab apples at the front – they have suffered a little in the storms a week ago, knocking the blossom off – but I think sufficient has survived to give some crab apples come September.


Spuds are coming up – I’ve already earthed them up a couple of times so I am now letting them grow – I took a risk we would have no more frosts and so far I have been proved right!!. Looking forward to the first crop – quickly dig them – into boiling water, add mint and voila!!


First of the peas seedlings went in today. Using the sticks not used to support the willow. Had to plant some more pea seeds, as I still do not have enough for a meaningful crop (the standard is being able to have Christmas dinner with your own peas). Really frustrated with peas this year.


Dwarf beans and Beetroot transplanted out last week whilst it was vey hot – required some careful watering.


In the Poly the old salad crops had to be taken out – they had bolted in the very hot weather – so some new salad crops have been planted – the carrots are now going strong and the peas in buckets have started to crop (a small amount :()



And finally to the Alpacas – 2 weeks now until Shearing………………lets hope the weather settles down otherwise they are going to be a bit cold!!!

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