Finally put some paint on my game cloth!! And some figures on my cloth!!

As its rained all day today I got hold of some sample pots and bashed out a bit of colour on the cloth for my Sharp Practice Games. I started like this, a simple khaki green


And three more colours later I got to this, a lighter green


I wanted something to break up the single base colour but not to be too dark or over powering for the figures on top. I’ve kept the Peter Pig grid markings as well. I’m am going to give it some more green but basically it does the job

I laid out a Sharp Practice game just to see


The Crossroads with the farm house and market – British move up on the right whilst the French column can be seen approaching at the top of the screen


British viewing across the ground to the approaching French voltigeurs


The 95th approach the locals getting the market together – all that food is worth fighting over!!


From the French side – the Lights fan out to protect the column


The column marches up the road, lights fanning out to the left as well


The Market – bringing a bit of flavour and supplying a reason two sides would come together here for a fight!!

With the buildings and figures on it the cloth looks ok so far. I need to remember to not have that much terrain – it becomes difficult to move lines of troops through so many obstacles!!

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