Our spud girl is sick….


We sheared the Alpacas on Tuesday – during what was the worst day of the Spring/Summer so far – rain, wind and cold – climate change is here!

We kept the girls and boys inside and waited for good weather………….well today it looked like the weather was turning – or at least getting back to what it should be. So we let them out…………..but Spud Girl (Lois) was clearly not happy –

We got warm water down her and called the vet – she gave her 500ml of electrolytes by catheter, two jabs of antibiotics and a pain-killer. She told us to cover her in blankets (she was shivering cold) and straw, and try to get electrolytes and mashed food down her at short regular intervals. She also gave us some more antibiotics for the next 4 days and took a blood sample for testing, we will know the results tomorrow.

So here she is, we covered her in blankets and then a layer of straw to keep her warm and the heat lamp on as well……………we hope she gets better.

its touch and go.


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