What week off?!


I came back to work for a rest yesterday: last week should have been my ‘week off’.  We spent the bank holiday weekend sorting out the barn to make room for shearing in forecast of all-day rain; Tuesday – sorting out alpacas (shearing in the barn while a lashing gale beats against all sides); Wednesday was car MOT & service (garage had “closed” the booking (!) so service has been postponed, still took them three hours to sort out the MOT) followed by re-scheduled dentist check-up due to next item; Thursday in work typing a document needed so urgently it couldn’t wait; Friday – a dangerously hypothermic alpaca (still sick with mystery infection) needs warm fluids every two hours… [see previous posts for more details]; Sat/Sun/Mon see Friday; Monday – Mother sends up a van load of assorted stuff for storage in a stable (much against ACCE’s will and my btter judgement) and a large upright piano in our porch (over ACCE’s dead body). I now have a Small Black Cloud with a Very Large Frown floating over me when I arrive home.

I was hoping to visit the Church/Village Flower Festival but absolutely no chance of anything remotely relaxing. At least at work there will be “normal” crises to deal with!

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