28mm Spanish Sharp Practice force – a review of progress

Well, its been a crappy month so far – but doing some work on this force has been keeping my feet on the ground. As the rubbish weather looks finally to be on the turn and jobs outside mounting I expect less and less time will be spent on this – so I thought a review of progress was in order.

Firstly, some Spanish regular infantry  – 3 groups of 8 plus officer and drummer. These are made from the Victrix 1804-7 French Infantry set, with no conversion just a paint job. I feel another 2 more groups maybe required.


Secondly. Odd one this I made them a while ago (for Sharp practice 1) – A group of Spanish regulars, Regiment Muerte, created from the Victrix British centre company set (a lot of later Spanish uniforms were supplied by the British). Again no conversion just a paint job. I am not keen on this group so will not make any more.


Next, two groups of Spanish Grenadiers, should be 8 figs a group but I made these for SP1 and only did 12 – so I need to do another 4! These are built from the Victrix 1804 French set – with bearskins – however the bearskin has been converted and the Spanish style bag has been built (but not painted very well!). Sad, awkward looking officer – need to find some stylish ones.


Next we have 1 group of provincial militia, the Volunteers of Barcelona, plus officer, sergeant and drummer. These are built from the Victrix 1804 French set – but…………..with the heads of British marines. The Officer, Sargeant and drummer are British marines given a paint job. I thkn they work really well in representing the hats style of the militia. I have enough figures to make another 2 groups of 10


Then we have the light infantry – the Light regiment of Catalonia. Built from the Victrix 1804 French set – just a paint job needed. Currently one 6 figure group, I aim to have another 3 groups. I need to find some appropriate officers.


And then we have Guerillas – 4 groups of 6 with a couple of officer types. These are Front Rank with a few Perry Carlist Wars armed monks added to make the numbers up. I love these, shame Front Rank look so out of place against other figures.


Then we have the cavalry – these is a 8 figure group of Spanish hussars (the Espagne regiment) plus an officer (unbased – to be done). These are Perry French Hussar figures using the Tarliton helmet. Just a paint job needed.


And then the Dragoons – 1 group of 8 mounted Dragoons plus an officer, and 1 group of 6 dismounted Dragoons plus an officer (basing to be finished). Figures are Perry French Dragoons with Victrix 1804 French Infantry bicorne heads and then a paint job.


Not sure if this works – but a Victrix British 9 pounder and crew (with Victrix 1804 French set bicorne heads) – hmmmm….need to be finished.


And then a few armed religious types and civillians from the Perry Carlist wars range. This still need to finished


I’m really pleased how I have got this Sanish force together by just using other figures I had lying round – its been fun (and cheap)!!!




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