Digging for Victory – update

Well, its been a while – here in rainy England I’ve almost forgotten what the sun looks like. However it now looks like Summer might be on its way………so lets do an update.


Here is how the allotment field looks. By rights we should be feasting off what is coming off here now – but the Broad beans are just flowering, the spuds have been eaten by slugs and the peas have just given up…..onions doing well though!!!

We have actually had some spuds – and hope to eat some more tonight – but its a bit annoying having to cut the slug holes out


Peas dying/being eaten – this is the 4th sowing now.


Dwarf Beans just starting to flower –  a month late, the beetroot are about the size of a golf ball though!!


The Sweetcorn is getting on with it, doubled in one week – and the Purple Sprouting under the net is starting to expand. Behind the Runner Beans have hardly climbed – again well behind, even the French Beans are catching them up.


Outside the Horseradish has gone to seed, and the mint is being surprisingly slow to spread.


The small pond is covered in various wildish flowers, and provides a really good camouflaged Heffalump trap!!


In the poly the temperature is really rising – and misting up the camera!!. Tomatoes are still growing but still green, salad leaves bolting quicker then we can eat them – and carrots starting to bear fruit!!


At the other end of the Poly the Grape has had a growth spurt and doubled in size in the last week – it needs pruning to ensure some decent fruit


Outside the Alpacas are getting used to being all together in the middle 4 fields – they took some time to work out where all the gates were, and still like being all over the place!!


Glad uses the water trough to cool herself down, splashing the water over herself by dipping her foot in


It was dry enough to top the fields a few days ago – without worrying the cut grass would get wet and turn into a horrible rotting mess that kills the grass underneath. As you can see it’s effectively become hay, which will be eaten by the Alpacas.


Likewise there is now a long enough dry spell coming that I was able to top the bottom field – taking 6 hours as it was fairly long – it was left because we understood sheep were coming in – but they havent turned up so it needed to be topped to stop it getting out of control. It’s a shame this is effectively wasted food – in the shape of good hay. Next year we will be better organised and not work on a promise that does not happen!!



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