‘Digging for victory’ – update

Its been a little while since this has been updated – mainly because there has been a lot of work to do outside just keeping it in control – let alone doing anything extra!!.

Anyway – 2 weeks ago I took the decision to roll the pea dice one last time this season and plant another crop!! Anyway – 10 days later and I had some 250 nice bright seedlings ready to plant out. I dug up the hardly growing peas, cleared them out and planted the new seedlings. This time I have covered them with a net, as I think the pigeons have been pecking the growing shoots which has helped the horror of the pea growing up to now this year. I also found two packets of main harvest peas – they wont keep until next year, so today I have sown them (some 800 seeds) and put nets over them.

I figure I have 3 months until the normal date for first frost here – about end of October. This should be enough to just squeeze in a pea harvest. Fingers crossed.

Here they are:


You can see the dwarf beans alongside – we have been eating these for 2 weeks now – I’ve enjoyed finding different recipes each day to include them. Not sure how we will eat these and the runner beans which will be ready to eat in 4-5 days.

Here the beetroot is growing very nicely – it will be ready to pull and pickle in a few weeks. A second sowing is on the way – mainly to cover the winter – smaller beetroot and the leaves to eat over winter.


The Onions planted last winter are now ready to dig and dry for storage – I have already stated using them for cooing – they are lovely and strong!!


Its rained and due to rain again so I am going to wait until a dry spell (possible coming in the weekend) to pull them up and lay them out in the Barn to dry out. I am unhappy about the grass takeover of this part of the patch – my wheel how has worked really well – but the grass kept coming back. Need to think how to deal with this, there is a definite split half way in the patch  – easily weeded and grassy. The Spring sown Onions and Shallots are growing nicely and will be ready at the end of August.



These are the Purple Sprouting Broccoli, growing so fast I have already had to extend the height of the cloche – I expected more to die so when they do start to produce I hope we like them!!! Its a thing of great happiness watching Cabbage Whites trying to enter the cloche to deposit their horrible caterpillar eggs (yes I am sad).


And finally the one and only Artichoke I have growing at the moment – the Magpies are loving balancing on the heads and eating the soft juicy bit inside. Next year I hope to begin harvesting them.

So stuff is growing – the Sweetcorn is looking almost ready. We are eating tomatoes, carrots, onions, dwarf beans, broad beans, spuds, beetroot, shallots, cucumbers, rhubarb and salad. Growing we have celery, PSB, sprouts, parsnips, peas, french beans, runner beans, cucamelons, and leeks.

We have also had red, white and black currents and have some apples coming. I saw yesterday we also have some filberts coming through, I will assume the squirrels will take the walnuts!!


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