Western Desert card game development – update, sort of.


Just a quick update, situation report.

I’ve been reworking the game somewhat. It’s still not what I want it to be. At the moment the cards give a really good idea of what was happening strategically – and I have added a mechanism that allows the player to have influence over some of that (rather than it all be on the turn of a card).

However, in playtesting¬†it doesn’t narrow down enough tactically to have the fight raging up and down the north African coast – I feel the connection is almost there but not quite.

I’m uncertain so far on:

Whether the cards should stay on the table or return to the discard deck – the balance is not right – perhaps some key cards should not be doubled up?

The effects of cards are perhaps out of kilter – affecting the tactical situation

Convoy success needs to be simplified and the process clarified.

The combat rules need to be defined.

Should players be able to hold cards for use later on? Could this add to the mechanism allowing influence over the strategic situation?

I’m really enjoying this challenge to represent the whole 3 year campaign using a 52 card deck – but its being a bit of a difficult birth at the moment!!!

Onwards and upwards!!

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