‘Digging for Victory’ – Update and Onions!!!!!!


First of all Onions!!! – I have now dug up all the Winter planted ones – and all the Spring panted ones  – as you can see:

The Winter sown onions drying in the barn (the white ones are really very strong when used for cooking)


And the Spring sown ones – drying on the outside bench:


In all – 400 planted – about 250 grew enough to be used. This works to about 5 a week  – I calculated in earlier posts that 7 a week would be needed for cooking – taking us to the same time next year – when the next harvest is being dug. At 5 a week we are not far off – I now need to use the proportional rate – 400 to 250 to calculate the number to be planted next year to have onions each day!!! As a basic calculation its a 62.5% success rate – so I need to plant nearly 600 (584) to get one onion a day. Yikes! (alternatively have fish and chips every night and don’t need to grow any onions for cooking )

About 90% of the onions will keep – so the ones that wont will be used first – they are the thicker stemmed ones – a sign that the started to grow again.

Anyway, elsewhere.


I actually hate this time of year – the whole excitement of Spring is nearly over – it’s all coming ready to harvest – and then dying back – its like its all over. As you can see – PSB growing, Climbing beans looking good finally, and Sweetcorn – already eaten some of these – they are real weather vanes – the corn has grown all the way up except an inch at the top – when the sun got too hot and the daily rain stopped. However they taste fantastic.

I’ve covered the peas and they are growing fast – I’m watering daily rather than leaving them to get on with it, in the hope this will speed things along a bit and get me a harvest before the first frost.


Look closely, they are there – bloody caterpillars……………not sure whether to get all organically chemical or just let the chickens have a go to clear them up – there are a lot of Cabbage White Butterflies about at the moment, but I need to stamp on this quickly.


Sweetcorn!!! Seems I am growing a dwarf variety – which it turns out is a good thing if you are a field mouse – you can reach the cobs!!


Haricot Beans – growing like good’uns – I will let these grow then dry them out – and they will be used for cooking during the Winter.


The result of about 2 metres of Potatoes. Pathetic. And they have blight. Just rubbish.


These were our last onion harvest before we moved to our present location

lateaugust08 008

3 thoughts on “‘Digging for Victory’ – Update and Onions!!!!!!

  1. I hope they do to – you have to dry them off for a little while – until the outer, shabbier skin can be rolled off by your hand – to produce a lovely golden onion (or white etc)
    I’ve added another picture to the blog post to show how a previous harvest was kept.


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