Alas, poor Piglit…

imageThis morning we got up as usual after a short Sunday lie to let all the poultry out and feed the cats.  As Kevin is visiting they had the privilege of sleeping on the bed if they wished. Mr Big adores Uncle Kevin.

So, to breakfast. Girly Pig is demanding hers in no uncertain terms. No sign of her brother. Well, he could still be enjoying a lie-in with Kevin?  Kevin emerges… No Mr Big. Worried now. Girly Pig has her breakfast: Mr Big should appear eithout further delay – he never misses out on food. Still no sign. Seriously worried now.

Neal goes out to look for him. Comes back all too soon cradling a limp, broken kitty from the road.  We all dissolve in tears.  Breakfast abandoned.  Hereward wargames show not sufficient to distract us from the loss of such a special Piglit.  All appetites lost.


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