‘Digging for victory’ – update

Well it seems a long time since I posted – so this is an update – I’ll post some more separate posts on other things to catch up on things.

First off – it is the time to plant for next spring, so in go Spring cabbages, both January Kings and Rounded plus cauliflowers, and in the Poly lettuce.


I’ve cleared the Sweetcorn and rotavated – then planted the cabbages etc in – I’ve put them here to keep them together with the leeks, parsnips and Purple Sprouting Brocoli (PSB) so in the middle of winter I don’t have to range too far over thick mud, and secondly I can cover the rest of the allotment in the stuff cleared out of the Alpacas summer shelter.


The leeks planted from seed are starting to flesh out quite well now.


I have taken the netting off the PSB now, it was straining at the leash to grow out and I think the major danger time of the cabbage white butterfly is over.


I picked the French Beans yesterday and have put them in the porch to dry out – I will be turning them quite often until they are ready to pod and store. I will use these small white beans in cooking during the Winter. The Haricot beans are still growing so I will leave it a while yet before I pick them.


The Beetroot is quietly simmering away, smelling the kitchen out!!! – the first batch on its way to being pickled.


The outside planted Cucamelon has sparked into life and begun producing fruits. The one in the Poly is just producing shoots… Goswinks has a plan to pickle these in Gin, for use next Summer. There are more to come on the plant – it should keep producing until the first frosts.


Filberts and Hazelnuts picked from the small bushes in the Orchard – not sure what to do with them yet…..


A bonus crop – some grapes from the vine in the Poly. There are quite a few of these half formed bunches (caused by not being aggressive enough in pruning) – Goswinks has an idea to look at drying them to make currents for use in cooking


The Crab trees are now covered in Crab Apples  – these need to be picked roundabout now and either stored dry, or made into jelly for a meat condiment. We have more than we can eat so the rest might go to the Geese.


These lovely things are Rosa Ragusa fruits – effectively Rose Hips from our edible hedge we planted along one side of the Orchard. Not done anything with these before but you can make Jelly or Jams out of them.


So there you have it – it is a sad time in one respect – the nights are drawing in, there is little actively growing – but the harvest is out there to gather and stock up for Winter!!



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