The cat is dead…long live the cat

18 days ago our lovely cat Mr Pig was run over and killed leaving the other cat Piglit alone. We wondered what to doe always have two cats – they keep each other company and we have never had a problem between them. Previously when we have lost one we usually wait for months before getting another cat – making integration harder as the existing cat has got into their own solo habits and routines. We decided this time to go straight for it.

We contacted the Cats Protection League and went to view the cats at one of their homes – trying not to bring them all home we settled for Dom – a completely black cat of the same age as the Piglit, who was used to living with other cats who had ben made homeless by his last owners having to move.


My WarGames room was the one place suitable to house him initially until he can go out and about  – as you can see he has made himself at home on my table…


I put the bed there to stop him covering my cloth with black fur. He lies there and watches me paint, occasionally trying to put me off by rolling over and falling off the table!!

He is super friendly, and is trying to make friends with the Piglit – she has done some hissing and growling, but now just avoids him – She will be alright.

I think I may have made a rod for my own back allowing him free rein on my table – but we had no choice – and I think he is going to settle in well

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