Yet another wargame project????

Remember last Christmas when I gave myself a small Christmas present?


Well I have decided to take this further and try to knock together some rules to use them. These figures are 90mm kids toys bought from Wilkinson’s for £1.50 (£1.25 last year!!) – I have painted them up and have now based them on a 10cm Hexagon base


Facing forward to one side, it naturally falls that left and right are the side faces. I thought I could use the ‘Wings of War’ idea for movement and combat, with each type of soldier having differing movement, and defensive fighting capabilities (perhaps also nicking the ‘En Garde’ combat mechanism)

For the men on horses I am going to use two hex bases:


Moving will be more difficult, turning taking a lot longer – but impact perhaps greater!!

I’ll see how it goes. I am hoping Kevin is also building a small band of soldiers to fight mine!!!

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