Bigmenbattles: The foot troops are all painted and based

I have now based all the foot troops – although I seemed to have gained one more unpainted figure!!


I have based them on 10cm sided MDF hexes from Warbases – these fit with my Hexon terrain – so I can possibly use that in my game. I used the Baccus system for basing – stick the stones on – sand – undercoat with a chocolate-brown, than three layers of dry brush –  a flat brown, yellow ochre and a light sand – then grass and any brush. I then paint the base edges with Khaki – as it’s a neutral colour which blends with the terrain.


I have painted them with a blue and red pattern to make them a bit more unit like – so they look like they all fight under the same banner


They are 90mm figures – here is one next to a 28mm Otherworld dungeon adventurer for size.



And here is one as bought (minus the base) from Wilkinsons – I think I had half a mind to switch this axe with a chain and ball weapon of another figure to get some variation.

Now to finish the knights on horses – and I have decided to base my Shleich figures as well.




Then make the rules up!!!

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