Wood for fuel – update

Back last Christmas time we planted 666 willow for wood fuel – from setts cut off out willow plantation.

This is what they looked like:


This is what they look like now:


As you can see – they have not grown much in this area – and yes – the lovely alpacas have got through the fence to eat the grass and throw the rabbit protectors around. We did have some growth – I’m not worried about the tips now being eaten (1st year cut) – they wont eat beyond the protector and these tips will provide growing buds for next years growth.


As you can see on the next section down the buds are still there.


Not happy with the Alpacas, not happy at all. Permanent fencing is on the list (and has been all year) – but I have the wire and posts now to do it, so it will happen soonish. Next year the shoots will really kick on – this year was about root growth.

I am looking again at the willow plantation to cut more sets this year and plant on – firstly to finish the 1000 we wanted from last year (another 340), then to replace those that we lost this year, and then to plant as many new ones as we can again


This was the plantation after the sets were cut off last year

DSCF3552 - Copy

The growth in July


And what it looks like now. Not much thickening of the stems is there? However the height has probably nearly doubled – so I am hoping this time next year they have also thickened out enough to cut and season for fuel.

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