The Sheep have landed


Last week Adrian the local sheep breeder brought 18 sheep to spend the winter in our bottom field. A few days later – tempted at a local sheep market he arrived with another 20, after being vaccined and wormed they were put with the others. In total 38 sheep – 18 pure bred Texel and 2 groups of 10 crossbreed Texel. They are all this years ewes, he intends to let them grow this winter, and not Tup them until next year. They are very good-looking and healthy sheep – quite big for being this years.


Texel are a square-faced breed, quite distinctive – and can provide a lot of chops!! Their fleece is good for yarn and knitting.

Below, we have had to fence out the willow sett growing happily – the sheep would simply destroy them. Having said that I had to repair the fence today – so I don’t hold out much for the fence surviving the Winter!


The Alpacas got into the photos – lining up to eat their supplement food……….


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