More additions to my Africa forces


This rather nice model is the Zvezda King Tiger Aus B with Henschel turret. I know none of these served in Africa but I bought it just to see what it was like – and I can use it as a pretend Tiger I (some 31 served). It is a nice model – so easy to make and very simple to paint effectively.

It makes me wonder the pricing logic behind the Zvezda miniatures – they are all £3 – regardless of size or even transfers included (Aircraft).


By way of example – Zvezda PZII besides the PZVI –  same scale (1/100) – same price!! Strange.

I dug out my some of my incomplete Aircraft models and got them made and painted


Two Stukas, one BF109 and two Hurricanes in their respective desert colours – there are some more bombers and BF109’s to come – and perhaps to be completed with a Spitfire. They are all Zvezda 1/144 and come with transfers – all for, you guessed it, £3. The Bombers are 1/200 and it will be interesting to see how they build.

I am hoping to use the Krieg ohne Hass rules – and double up the scale (to give more units) – see how that goes!!

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