Whats going on Wargame wise?


Well this is the state of the table presently  – covered with half-finished projects…….

I dug out my Ancient British/Roman DBA force the other day (I had knocked this up quickly to play Kevin one Christmas) – quite a while ago I had acquired some more figure sprues in one of Warlords sales and I thought I would get them all sorted – to try out the ‘To The Strongest’ rules.

I was having difficulty trying to get a comfortable looking grouping of figures in a unit – and hen last night – during an unpleasant migraine it came to me – the British in three ranks 6 figures wide making a total of 18 figures a unit – and the Romans 6 figures wide in two ranks for a total of 12 figures. These look right and will fit to my 200mm grid. Light troops will be 8 figures in one rank. As you can see – I arranged the British in this way this morning –


I’m still sticking figures together – trying to achieve a nutters unit (all naked no shield one weapon), a sword and shield unit, 2 spear and shield units and an armoured sword/spear and shield unit for a total of 5 units. here is also a throwing spear and shield light unit and a slinger unit. In  ‘To the Strongest’ these different units make no difference – but I wanted the flexibility for other rules.

My four chariots will be split up with the cavalry to make four light cavalry/chariot javelin units. Only have to finish making them and paint ’em up now!! The shield transfers are just so much arse.


I have a few units of the Romans completed – still to make another 50-60 figures which should make up about 4 Auxiliary units and 5 Legionary units – added to this is a light slinger unit, a bow unit and some light cavalry, with a ballista in support. Quite a force.

Besides that I have made and painted the 2 JU88’s from Zvezda, pictured here in Africa colours with a BF109.


And I have also completed 2 Blenheim again pictured in desert colours accompanied with 2 Hurricanes.


2 more BF109’s to do and then its complete!!!


And finally the professionally printed cards for my game ‘This Hard and Calcined Earth’ arrived – they are superb!!


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