More Ancients figures………….


As I have been digging out my unmade and unpainted Ancient British and Roman figures I remembered I had also bought some moulds………….

Prince August are a firm that sell moulds to make your own figures – back in the 80’s as a school kid I supplemented my pocket money by making and selling 40mm Seven year war figures. Anyway I remembered that and when I was looking at building up a British/Roman force I noticed the moulds were on a 50% sale – so bought 2 moulds of each – 28mm Ancient British and Romans……


These are the British – Spearman, swordsmen and slingers – with shields.


These are the Romans – with swords and pilums with shields.

And how do they look?


Pretty good………..and perfectly ok for filling the ranks and building the numbers of units up!!

I reckon I have enough lead to make one unit – either Roman or British – but the lead is £3 from Prince August and is supposed to make 7 ish figures an ingot, which works at 42p a figure. Your average Warlord plastic is about a £1.

Ahh…………..breath those fumes…… many memories.

3 thoughts on “More Ancients figures………….

  1. Nice – I started with Prince August molds back in the 80s (and still have them). I used lead from fishing weights and melted them in the same tool you have over a gas stove in the kitchen. It was a cheap way to build out my fantasy units, but not the safest, especially now that the dangers of the vapors is known. They are potentially carcinogenic! But I still cast and am getting rid of my lead and moving towards lead free pewter. I also found better results when I temperature controlled the lead/tin mixture. It’s detailed in my blog if you are interested. Yours came out pretty well I must say!


    • I still have quite a few 25mm Napoleonic figures filling out my French ‘Army of Portugal 1810’ – I used all sorts of stuff to make them!! Not just the vapours – I remember pouring moulten lead on my hand one time – got it under the tap quick enough not to cause long term injury.
      Having trouble getting these to work – having to make a fair few vent holes – But I’ll keep trying.
      Nice to hear from you, I’ll have a look at your blog.

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      • If I can assist you please let me know – there are some very comfortable heat resistant gloves I use that were cheap and don’t forget the eyes! When I used my PA molds with controlled temperatures (well relatively) results improve dramatically, but I’m afraid I damaged a number of them back in the day with overly hot metal.


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