‘Digging for Victory’ – update and things to do

Well the frosts have started with a vengeance – and I guess that’s another year gone. I had a quick tour round to sort out what jobs need doing.

First up – the  poly tunnel – abandoned for a month……….


Not as bad as last year – but still – it needs a clear out. Once again growing tomatoes there basically failed – despite all my cutting they got out of control and didn’t deliver a decent crop. Next year I am not sure I will grow them there, perhaps outside. Next year the poly tunnel will be used fully – probably to grow peas and beans.


The stuff growing on the allotment is doing ok – PSB, Spring Cabbages, Leeks and Beetroot all going good!! The Winter planted brad beans have all been eaten, and it was too wet to plant the winter onions, these will have to go in the poly.


However something is eating the Sprout tops………….the sprouts are growing ok on the stems though – a bit slow – not sure they will be ready for Xmas?



Pleased with the Green Manure on one of the now uncovered beds. A mixture of Rye Grass and Mustard. This bed will be the broad bean bed next Spring. Potentially some more fruit trees will be put there instead.


This is the Willow bed without the leaves – you can see the growth this year – I will be cutting setts off this again to plant.



First off I need to replace the setts lost this year to the lovely Alpacas!! As you can see they went in like bulls in china shops – this then let the rabbits in to eat the stems and kill the sett.


The Sheep have done sterling service eating the bottom field down – they are now needing supplement food. Here they are under a typical huge blue fen sky.

So there you go

The list of stuff to do

Clear the Poly tunnel

Clear the Alpacas summer shelter and lay it on the allotment

Install a stop cock on the field water troughs.

Prune and tie the vine in the poly

Clear the drain along the front and prune the edible hedge there

Clear the orchard facing fence along the bottom field

Plant another section of willow setts

Best get going…………..


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