‘Krieg onhe Hasse’ – war without hate – preparing a play through

I really enjoyed the recent ‘To the Strongest’ play through – I found it very helpful to play the rules through whilst describing what was happening both in the game and the rules – it made the rules more understandable and I now have a ready refresher, in my own words, I can fall back on next time I play. As I felt this was very helpful I have decided to do it again with another set of rules I have found this year –



To quote the author the game is primarily designed to represent armoured warfare in WW2 and to present the challenges of command that an all arms battle demands. Only 6 sided dice are required and each turn represents about 30 minutes. It is fought on a grided table, each squares side representing 2km.

To play this I have set up a quick game set in Africa at about the time of Operation Crusader in November 1941 and represents an area 14km wide by 18km deep (I’m aware this is quite contained for an Africa battle).The German 21st Panzer division is attacking the British 22nd Armoured Brigade (plus the 8th Hussars and the South African Armoured Car regiment) supported by elements of the 7th Support Group.



This is the 21st Panzer division in the game terms – about two figures/vehicles representing one Battalion (1 figure equalling about 250 men or 25 tanks or guns). Along the top is the Division HQ and 3rd Recon Battalion.. Next down is the 5th Armoured regiment of 2 battalions with a command PZII. Next down is the 2 Battalions of the 200th Schutzen Regiment (with HQ), and then below that the 8th Machine Gun Battalion. Further below is the 155th Artillery regiment (shown by using 2 Infantry guns I’m afraid!) and on the right the 39th Panzerjager Battalion. Underneath it all is the 200th Pioneer Battalion.dscf3703

This is the British force. Along the top are the Recon units of the 8th Hussars (Rolls Royce armoured cars) and the 6th South African Armoured Regiment (Marmon Herringtons), with the division HQ. Below are the 3Btns of the 7th Hussars, 2nd RT and 6th RT. On the third row are elements from the Rifle Brigade and the 102nd RHA anti tank with Brigade HQ.

On the 4th row is elements of the 1st Kings Royal Rifle Corps and the Rifle Brigade, both in universal carriers with a regiment HQ.  Below that is the 3rd RHA anti-tank and the 203rd Field Battery (being filled by a 6pder for the game!). Air support is in the form of a Hurricane and a Bristol Beaufighter.

So this is how the game forces are set up.

Next post I will give an idea of the terrain to be fought over and then play through the rules………..


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